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LEAP proudly sponsored PEX Europe Spring 2018

The LEAP Low-code platform. A fast and powerful, bespoke process management solution.

Our extensive experience in process design and creation enables us to deliver you a tailored, pre-configured software solution developed using optimal good practice and efficiency measures.

Your process. Better.

Each organisation has it’s own set of policy and procedures. The LEAP platform allows you to design and amplify your own business process exactly as you need it.

The pre-configured elements you’ll need have been crafted by a skilled team of business architects to ensure key process requirements are built in and ready to go. If you need a more customised approach, LEAP allows you to design this quickly, and at low cost.

  • We help map your process and consult with you to offer any suggestions for improved efficiency
  • Our skilled BA team configure your solution and we deliver it into the hands of your team
  • We remain on hand to advise on future adjustments

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    FLOvate Solutions

    Are you beginning your process transformation journey? Tell us about the problems you’re experiencing! Endless spreadsheets? Complicated reporting? We want to know what you are up against.

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    FLOvate Solutions

    Some process solutions require you to conform to a set of rules and actions. By adopting Low-code, you can define your own rules and set triggers to ensure tasks are met efficiently without compromise. Experience the power of a modular, self-service system – Request a demo of the LEAP platform:

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    FLOvate Solutions

    If you’re struggling to map a process, the finished result could struggle to solve your operational issues effectively. Look at each part of your process closely to make sure you are not overlapping the start of one, with the end of another. Find out how LEAP can automate your process: 0330 111 0570 |